The Beginning

I experimented with several different ways in which to write this first post, but I'm choosing the direct route. This is my new classroom.

None of what you see is my stuff. It belongs to the teachers/staff members who occupied this room for a year while their part of the building was being built. My stuff is sitting in the gym in my previous building. Thirteen years of stuff. And I report back to work in three weeks. I am freaking out. Because once these piles of stuff move to their new homes, the room has to be carpeted and additional white boards will be hung. Then my stuff will be moved over from my previous building and the unpacking will begin. And hopefully that will happen before the first day of school!

So I started this blog to help me deal with all of the changes in my professional life. And if I get any followers, I'm hoping that they'll be able to help me with the struggles that I will surely face and maybe get inspired by my ideas and successes!

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