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Free visual dictionary
One of the things that I did this year as a companion to our DOL (daily oral language, ie. editing sentences) was to have students keep a visual dictionary for the homophones that we encountered. So if the sentence said:

i wants to no witch weigh it is to chicago

we would make all of the corrections and then make entries for the homophones in our dictionary. We did this together, and we started by writing the word and a quick phrase or definition to identify which one it was. Then we drew a simple picture to further identify it. It was ongoing throughout the year, and one of the pages ended up looking like this:
Free visual dictionary
I cutesied it up a bit and put it as a freebie. Click {here} to get it. I made it general so you could use it for whatever you wanted in whatever content area. Maybe you'd want to use it for word wall words or in a center or as review for a science test. The choice is yours!


  1. Thanks for sharing the visual dictionary! I already have about 5 different ideas in my head for how I could use it in my classroom.

  2. This is a great idea! We did something similar to this in one of the ESL classes this past semester and it worked really well with the kids. I'm making a flash drive full of these amazing resources :)

  3. I love this! Here's hoping I remember to use it if I get a new teaching job this year!

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