Classroom Art

If you are reading this, then you probably survived the Google Reader apocalypse. Congrats!

My kids and I have been very artsy this week - glazing pottery, braiding bracelets, and painting canvases. I decided to do a canvas for my classroom in the style of some {pots} that I did last year since I still had leftover paint.

I was doing this in my basement, so the pictures aren't the best. I didn't want to disturb the project for a while and didn't want to leave it in the garage.

Empty canvas - I had a can of something under it so that it would slightly raise the center and make the paint ooze to the side. Also, when it dripped off the edges, it was raised high enough so it wouldn't dry on the canvas. Side note - Put lots of newspaper on the floor.

Be generous with the paint. Start with your first color and make a big puddle, keeping in mind that this color may not show much. I had to tilt my canvas in a few directions to help it spread. Add another color to the middle of the previous color and help it spread, and so on...

As you can see, my first color is starting to get covered up, so I kept repeating the colors.

I decided to start adding paint on other parts of the canvas since the rest of the paint was all headed toward the lower left corner. I think that it turned out cool! NOTE - With that many layers of paint, it takes a few days to dry.

So, my dilemma is, do I add my name in white vinyl as was my original plan, or do I leave it as is and just hang it in my classroom? I have another idea of how to do something with my name, so I'm fine with leaving it the way it is (which is what the people on my FB page are suggesting). What do you think?


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