Before You Leave

I checked something off of my {July to-do list}! Yay!



If you're interested in getting it, click on the picture below.

I think that I'll have it on sale the rest of the evening. I even made a pink/black chevron special request, and would be happy to do other color schemes :)

UPDATE - I'm not using all of these. Some Facebook followers suggested other things that I might want to include to make it a good TpT product. That's why some of them are slightly repetitive. I also include blank ones at the end of the document to add your own!


  1. I love it. If I was a classroom teacher, I'd be snapping this one up. My eighth graders always needed reminders. Really cute!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm not using all of these because I teach four different groups of students in a day. I'm just picking the ones that apply to me :)

  2. Yay! You used some of my suggestions! Super cute!

    I {Heart} Recess

  3. These turned out really well, Diane! Love the bright colors and the pun. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  4. Thanks for the shout-out on my clip art! I already made myself a "Minute to dismissal" poster (not for my store, just to match my class colors) but now it's looking kind of lame compared to this!

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason
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  6. Great idea, and a cute way to display it.
    Thank you for sharing.


  7. It looks fantastic. I just read a blog and they had your dismissal poster as one of their favorite pins!

  8. As promised, a shout out in my blog! Thanks again! (I hope I did it right)

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