A Peek at My Week - August 26

Jennifer at {Mrs. Laffin's Laughings} is starting a new linky for what you have coming up during the week. So this is what I have on tap for the rest of August...

Girl Scout pool party and fantasy football draft for my husband's coworkers. Then lots of procrastinating because that will make Monday come later, right?!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that this giveaway ends tonight!!

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This will be my very first lesson with our new Journeys series. It has been quite a process to get here, including being short by six textbooks and having to go on an emergency run to our AEA to pick up laminating that wouldn't have made tomorrow's van delivery.

We are doing the simulation in social studies that I saw {here}. Students choose an area of the rom to "settle" and write down the advantages and disadvantages of that location. We will then watch a video that will overview each region and complete some {3-2-1 notes}. Remember that if you have anything that you're doing for Native Americans, American Revolution, or Reconstruction, link it up {here}.

We will read an overview of Native Americans and answer some questions. Then we will start digging in to the Eastern Woodland Indians. I really don't have anything interesting to show at this point.

That evening, we will go to a PTO meeting at my daughter's school, which is not the district in which I teach. I hope that it doesn't get political as there is a very heated school board election coming up. But it will be interesting to see this side of meetings.

More Journeys, more Woodland Indians, but don't have the details of what I'm doing exactly. Guess if it's anything good, I'll blog about it Friday! ;)

College football! Yay! I'll be spending my day at Kinnick Stadium watching my Hawks. My husband goes early to tailgate while I wait for my MIL to get to our house to babysit. Then my parents pick me up on the way and we take the Hawkeye Express to the stadium. It's a pretty fun way to get there, and the unveiling of the new HD jumbotron will be cool. I used to play in the marching band, and so I always like to see what they have in store and comparing it "back when the band was good" ;) As for the football team, they will probably lose :( It will be a long year as we are trying to rebuild. Especially since the forecast is in the 90's all week. At the very least, I'll get a sunburn that may eventually turn into a tan.

Make sure that you check in sometime on Saturday because another blogger and I have something planned that you must do that day!!!


  1. Looks like we've got similar plans for tonight. I too will be participating in a fantasy football draft with my husband's coworkers. Good luck on yours!

    Rooting for Third Grade

  2. Oh I love the social studies simulation! Now if only our text books would get here!

    Did you make those adorable days of the week thingies in your post? Very, very cute!

    Life in Room 24

  3. I love the simulation idea! I still remember the one I did in 5th grade! You're going to be busy! Your day signs are so cute!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. I think I just got in on your giveaway just in time!! The simulation sounds really fun!Doodling Around in 6th Grade

  5. My husband went to pharmacy school at the University of Iowa so he is a Hawkeye fan too!

    Great simulation project! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Thanks for linking up! I hope to see you again next Sunday!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  6. My husband went to Iowa too! He was on the '81 Rose Bowl Team!! We are in KC but try to make it up to a game or 2 in the year! Hawkeye fans around here are pretty upset that the Chiefs cut Stanzi!

    1. No kidding!! That's awesome!! We're pretty upset about Stanzi, too. Hopefully he'll land somewhere...

  7. One of the reasons I love fall is because of football season! I watch more NFL though (Bills fan:)! Good luck at the PTO meeting. My kids also go to another school outside the district I teach in and in cases like that, I am grateful to be seen as a parent and not employee!

  8. I did a live draft tonight for FF. I have a snake draft online on Wednesday night and another one on Sunday night! I'm joined THREE different leagues this year. I hope I can keep up with it. I got Drew Brees tonight which made me happy, happy, happy!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  9. I love your simulation activity - please let us know how it went in a future post! Also, you have piqued my interest on what you have going on next Saturday...I'll be back to check it out!
    Crafting Connections

  10. Haha Diane!!! I LOVE Ed. :) Our draft is this Friday and still can't decide on a RB to take. My husband and I have had a history of choosing the worst RB core. :( It could be my husband holding me back. haha! I have family in the NFL, so we stay loyal to a few positions.

    Fun In 5th


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