Native American Simulation

Well, we'll see if I can blog about my day while drafting a fantasy football team. Hopefully I don't end up with eight tight ends.

Today was cut short due to heat advisories, but we were still able to do our {settling the room simulations}. I told the students to think of a place in the room where they could have access to resources that they may need during the day. They had access to everything within arm's reach. Then they moved to that spot. I asked them to write down where they settled and why, then list the advantages and disadvantages of that location.

Here are some of the choices they made:

After sharing why they chose their locations, the advantages and the disadvantages, I told them that I would allow them to take two steps in any direction (to simulate travel). Then I asked them what additional resources that got them.

The last thing that we did involved a little problem solving. I asked those students who were not within two steps of the trash can how they could get access to it. Same to those students who did not have access to a pencil sharpener. I am happy to report that all classes figured out that trade was the key to getting access to something that they didn't have. Hurray!!!

I found this idea from my Native American linky. Go on over to find more great social studies ideas!


  1. Diane,

    I love this idea! What a great way to get your students involved. I see we have a bit in common. I also teach Social Studies and Language Arts and have taught fifth grade for a long time. Hope your heat wave doesn't last too much longer!


    Forever in Fifth Grade

  2. What a wonderful idea! Sorry it's so HOT! I don't recall ever being sent home for anything. We've missed school for hurricanes, but we had fair warning.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I am totally using this idea!! OMG, did you have this pop out of your head?

    Ms. Chae Charges In

  4. Cool! I love this ideas! I'm going to try this out when we begin our Native American study later this fall.

    Good luck with the draft. I did mine over the weekend and now I'm excited for the season to begin so that I can see how I do.

    Take care,
    Turtley Loving Teaching

  5. I love love love your idea. What an amazing concept. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great plan and process! And it obviously works since they all got the trade idea!

  7. This is SUCH a creative activity! I bet your students won't soon forget it and the things they learned from doing it! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.
    Crafting Connections

  8. Love the additional discussion about trade and travel! I'll have to add those to my discussion topics this year :) It's such a fun activity and my students love it every year... it's easy and it "makes sense." We're doing our simulation early next week!

    Glad it worked out!
    My Shoe String Life
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  9. I LOVE this idea! Definitely doing this when we get to our Native American unit! Thanks for sharing.

    Fun In 5th

  10. I feel like eveeyone else. WoW WHAT AN IDEA! I will be doing this!


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