Friday Flashback (All Two Days) and Tonight's Giveaway!

This was a quick week! Wish they all went this fast ;) Today I'm linking up with Amanda at Teaching Maddeness for her Friday Flashback. I have three activities to highlight this week.

On Thursday, we started off with the activity I posted a few days ago. Click over there do download it. I gave the student about seven minutes to fill in the organizer. I drew names and allowed them to share one thing from their organizer. Then I discovered that many of them have better phones than me, so I bought an iPhone last night ;) I have an iPad, but if you know of any must-have apps for the iPhone, let me know!

After that, we continued an activity from before break. We had a snow day the Thursday before, and one-third of my kids didn't come Friday, so not everyone got to share. I gave students papers that looked like this:
We spent a day or two thinking of what we would give each classmate if money was not a problem. It showed how well they knew each other and who they needed to get to know.

The last activity was from our professional development on Write to Learn. One of our literacy stories is about a fictional town that changes over time. It has I Spy elements to it. One of the main skills is how to use pictures. I gave them a blank chart to fill out with as many questions as they could starting with the word in the left column.
 This picture shows the group result after I allowed them to each fill in a square (or two or three).

Check back tonight for my 100 follower giveaway! It kicks off at midnight and lasts until next Saturday at midnight.

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  1. I could definitely go for two day weeks! :) Congrats on your will LOVE it!! I upgraded to the 5 over the holidays (not that it's much different than the 4), but I couldn't live without my iphone!! :)



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