February Monday Made It

For this edition of Monday Made-It, I'm going to start with some home projects since I spent half of the month home recovering from surgery.

Family Go Fish Cards
The original idea came from {here}. For the family Go Fish game (or whatever game you want to play with them), I started with uploading pictures of each family member to Shutterfly, since I don't have Photoshop. From there, I added captions to the pictures. Then I ordered wallets so that the pictures were in sets of four. When they arrived, I cut them apart and attached scrapbook paper to the backs. I put them through the laminator and rounded the corners. We keep them in a travel soap case.

Divider page for the photo cards
One of the photo cards inside
I've seen several versions of this project out in Pinterest-land. I had tons of photo cards from previous years, so I sorted them the best I could into the years we received them. Then I made divider cards for the years with my Cricut, Xyron sticker machine, and laminator. I included all of the birth announcements, picture invitations, and other picture cards we got that year. I had a couple of large rings, so I punched holes in the pictures and put them on the rings. I've also seen this project with one hole, but I think that two holes prevents the pictures from going crazy all over the place and getting ruined.
Glass tile photo pendants
I've seen several online tutorials about making your own glass tile pendants, for example {here} and {here}. Once again, I don't have Photoshop, so I uploaded them to Shutterfly. This time, I made a collage of thirty pictures so the pictures would be small enough. Other than that, I just followed the tutorials. These took some practice to get out the bubbles, but I think that they turned out nice (if you don't look too closely!).

Now something for school. I'm continuing the trend of making a seasonal pennant banner. Click the image to take you to TpT to download your free copy.

There's still time to link up your Vistaprint ideas with my linky party!


  1. Diane,
    I love, love, love the new blog design!! Megan does such a great job, doesn't she? Isn't it just amazing to open it up and look? I sometimes forget I got a new one and I always fall in love with it over and over again!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

    1. Yes, I love it! It just makes me happy to see it every time I check out my blog :)

  2. Love, love your crafts!!!!
    Hodges Herald

  3. I loooooove your blog design! Megan did awesome!! (as usual!)

    I love all of your crafts!!! I want to learn how to make those necklaces!!!

    Collaboration Cuties

  4. aw, these are all great!! I LOVE those pendants!

  5. Enjoying your blog! Hope that you will check mine out as well, I'm currently having a giveaway... you should enter!


    Martha :)

  6. Hi Diane! I am popping over for a visit from www.teachingbythesea.blogspot.com (one of Megan's creations!)
    Love your blue's!
    You have to do Donors! They are wonderful. Here is my Donors Choose Webpage: http://www.donorschoose.org/Pam.DAlessandro
    I only have one up at the moment, but if you click on completed projects you'll see about 75 complete ones. I love writing these and if you (or anyone) ever needs any help, email me at pamjmmes@gmail.com. This is a great way to get resources for your classroom. Pam


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