Friday Flashback - Randomness and Angry Verbs

One thing that I learned this week is that teachers LOVE their Girl Scout cookies! My daughter just became a Daisy scout last month (right before cookie time - smart! *sarcasm*), so this is our first cookie sale. I think that I spent most of the day Monday selling cookies (don't tell my principal)! But in case he does read my blog, just kidding! (Kind of!) So Wednesday was the day we sold her 120th box (her "quota"), which was only five days after it started! Thank goodness, as I thought that I would be buying a LOT of unsold cookies.

Anyway, much of the early part of the week was pretty uneventful, which isn't bad! I did have students draw me some pictures, but they were the kind that they did on notebook paper just because they had five minutes before the end of class. Not really worth hanging, but I didn't want to hurt their feelings. So I remembered something that I saw on Pinterest that would do the trick - a picture binder! This way, I can keep the pictures in a gallery of sorts, and they don't clutter up my walls!

Wednesday afternoon was an inservice over Write to Learn. This session was a review of Think Back, 3 2 1, 3-Minute Pause, and Q-Charts. Here is an example of a Q-Chart.

At some point I will post some of the things that I've created with these strategies, but this won't be the week. All I know is that my brain really hurt by the time 3:00 rolled around!

And that was apparently the theme of the week. I tried to do some extra assessing since we have another set of conferences next week. So at the end of the day Thursday, my brain was fried again. A coworker came to ask me if I had a Brad. I said that I didn't, and she gave me a weird look. Then I said, "What does he look like? What did he do?" Thinking that was a pretty reasonable reply for the group of kids that I have this year and she just got the name wrong. Then she said, "No, the metal thing that pokes through papers." *facepalm* Duh. And the reason for the weird look is that I'm the queen of office supplies, so of course I should have some on hand at all times :)

Lastly, we finished up verbs by doing the often-pinned Angry Verbs. I was able to download a similar font so that I could type out the title. The twist that I put on it was to make the birds action verbs, the pigs were linking verbs, and the wood pieces were helping verbs. I think. Or the pigs were helping verbs and the wood pieces were linking verbs. Hard to remember since they both can include the same words! Anyway, the kids really got into it!


  1. Your Brad story made me laugh!! And I love the Angry Verbs! That's great! :)
    Ideas By Jivey

  2. I just read this!!! Who can EVER forget the "brad" story!!

  3. I just read this!!! Who can EVER forget the "brad" story!!


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