Throwback Thursday/Back to the Archive - Laminator Tip

I'm sure that many of you (not me) are prepping materials for back to school. Today I'm going back to August of last year to share a laminator tip with you. Enjoy!

Laminator Tip

So it seems that many of you jumped on the laminator bandwagon this summer. I know that you're very happy that you did. As soon as you print something out, you want to laminate it immediately. Am I right?!

I'm right there with you. I just got these clock numbers cut out and ready to laminate. Look at the genius going on in this laminating pouch.

And as you're aware, there are twelve numbers on the clock, thus...

So, I either wait until I have something else or just do the whole page and waste the rest.


Run it through the laminator. When I'm sure that my little bit has been laminated, move the release lever and quickly take it out. Cut off the unused part (make sure that you cut through a part that has been laminated so you leave a new sealed edge) and it's ready to go for next time! I just blew your mind, didn't I?! You're welcome ;)

Disclaimer: I'm not sure if Scotch would approve of this technique. You could also turn off the machine and pull it out that way. I leave it on, however, in case my things didn't get totally laminated so I can run them through again and wait a little longer. Plus, I feel that I need to be quick to maximize the unused pouch.


  1. Whoa! I didn't know you could do that. Genius!

  2. What a great idea!!!! I have had many times when I could have used this tip. Thanks for blowing our minds.

  3. Yes...yes you did just blow my mind! Tell me why I want to laminate something now, just so I can try it? LOL Thanks!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is complete and utter genius!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I am pinning right now :)

  5. OMGosh! I remember when you posted this last year! I wanted so badly to remember how to do this with the film, but of course I couldn't and I couldn't find your original blog post. This is the very reason that I enjoy TBT so much! Thanks for linking up this week and for sharing this great idea again!


  6. AWESOME AWESOME Tip! Thank you so much for sharing this. Mind = Blown!



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